About Traversy Media

What is Traversy Media?

We are a company dedicated to helping as many people become successful web developers as possible through video and other media. We offer completely free tutorials, courses and screencasts as well as full in depth premium courses through an affiliated company called Eduonix.

Who Is Brad Traversy?

I am a web developer from North of Boston Massachusetts. I have been programming for around 12 years. I got my start in basic HTML/CSS web design, then moved on to JavaScript and PHP. I ran a company called Tech Guy Web Solutions doing client work but I found that my real passion was teaching what I know to others. I started on YouTube and then found a partnership with a great company called Eduonix. We have been creating quality courses in all areas of web development for a couple years now.

Free Courses, Guides & Tutorials

Our free videos feature both front and back end web development technologies. We have crash courses that go into the basics and fundamentals as well as project based tutorials.

Eduonix Courses

All premium courses are listed here and are distributed through the Eduonix website. Our free videos, courses and guides are great but if you are serious about learning a technology, we suggest that you look at the more in-depth courses. They offer hours and hours of great content and projects all for around $10 – $40