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Health Tips For Programmers – Part 1

If you are like me, then you love writing code. If you have been programming for a long time, you may have already started to feel some negative effects ether mentally or physically. Many people do not realize that just because this is not a physical job, does not mean there are no health issues […]

Using MongoDB With Ruby On Rails 5

In this post I am going to walk you through installing Ruby on Rails 5 using rbenv and use┬áthe Mongoid MongoDB driver for Ruby. MongoDB is a fantastic NoSQL database that is incredibly scalable and fast which makes a good combo with Rails. We will be using Linux Ubuntu 16.04 with MongoDB and Rails already […]

Digital Ocean Server Setup & Node.js Deployment

In this post I will include the steps, commands and code that we used in the Node.js Deployment video. This is not only deployment but also preparing our server with SSH keys and some security precautions such as disabling password and root login. Sign Up You need to create a Digital Ocean account. Please use […]

Setup React Native on Windows

React Native is a fantastic technology that allows us to build real native mobile applications with JavaScript and the React UI library. The majority of tutorials on React native are on a Mac in OSX, but what about those of us in Windows? In this post I will show you how to get React Native […]

Building Mobile Apps With JavaScript

Years ago if you wanted to create an Android app or an IOS app you had to learn Java or Objective-C which are high level compiled languages that are relativity hard to learn. That has all changed now. There are more and more technologies coming out that allow web developers/JavaScript programmers to create great mobile […]

Welcome To Traversy Media!

Traversy Media is your source for video tutorials, guides and courses in web development and other tech topics. This site will run along side my YouTube channel and will be updated with the latest videos along with the source code, documents and any other content and information. In addition to the available free media, you […]