Traversy Media Platform Launch!

courses & announcements Feb 07, 2023
Learn Web Development


So, those of you that have been following me for a while, know that I have been creating YouTube videos and Udemy Courses for years and years. Over a decade at this point. I finally decided to host courses on my own website. I don't have anything against Udemy or other marketplaces, but I don't think that the instructors get what they deserve. Other instructors have been telling me to do my own thing for years. So I finally am.

I will still host my courses on Udemy and a few other platforms, but those are no longer my main focus. I will offer perks to people that purchase courses through my website. This includes extra sections/projects, docs and access to the Discord community.


Kajabi For Videos

For videos, we are using Kajabi, which is a great platform and offers all of the features that a player from Udemy does. Speed, quality options, etc. All of the sections are easy to access. It shows where you left off and all that good stuff.



You can still purchase individual courses for $25 or $15 with a promo code, that I will often give out. You can also purchase a monthly membership for $25/mo and get access to ALL courses. We have 250+ hours of course content. There is a yearly option of $200, which saves you over 30% off of the monthly plan.


Support & Community

I have started a Traversy Media Discord server. Anyone that purchases a course or a membership will get access. Your welcome email will include the invite. Here you can interact with others and get support from me or my staff. There is a forum for each course on the site.


What Courses To Expect

I have big plans for courses. One of my main priorities is to update current courses. I am working on MERN e-commerce right now. I will also be updating the Django course and many others. As far as new courses, I am working on a Bootstrap 5 project course. I plan on creating a Vue and Svelte course as well as non-JavaScript courses in Python, Rust and GoLang.

I will also be adding some premium tutorials that are longer than the average YouTube ones. Stay tuned!


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